About Us


MARELEX is a no-nonsense recovery agent that focuses on recourse (damage or loss recovery) for claims in logistics, port and trade. Think, for example, of damage or loss during road transport, sea transport, rail transport, air transport and/or storage.

In our claim recovery, we can rely on many years of experience in the logistics and insurance industry. Maritime and transport recourse is legal specialist work, which often involves dealing with international treaties and all kinds of national legislation and case law. Our qualified transport lawyer relieves you of the damage recovery, so that you can continue to focus on your core activities.


At MARELEX we believe that clear communication and substantive quality service at a fair and clear commission or rate are central.


At MARELEX we listen carefully to the customer and we know your business. We aim for sustainable long-term relationships with our customers in which their interests are central. We like to be accessible and approachable.


Moreover, MARELEX attaches great importance to sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship. That is why at MARELEX we generally work from home and in a digital work environment without physical files.