Your company is active in logistics, port, trade or the insuring thereof.

You have a claim under an ongoing marine cargo-, transport liability-, (vessel)hull-, work equipment insurance or other insurance within the logistics industry. It is possible that no insurance has been taken out for a certain damage or that the damage falls within a (high) deductible or an uncovered event in the relevant policy. You don’t want to engage in legal hassles over liability, you want to focus on your core business.

However, you do want to have your damages and costs recovered from the liable party.

MARELEX can help.

Transport of goods

MARELEX helps you recover cargo damage that occurs during transport or storage. Examples include claims for damage to fruit, vegetables or commodities under the CMR convention for European road transport, CMNI convention for inland waterway transport, Montreal convention for air transport or the VOTOB conditions for storage in The Netherlands.

Transport liability

MARELEX helps to recover your damage from your sub-carriers or successive carriers. You may well be a paper carrier or NVOCC that has outsourced the transport to an actual carrier. Nevertheless, as a contracted carrier, you will be held liable by your customer for damage caused during transport. If the damage was caused by your sub-carrier, we can help you recover this damage 'back-to-back'.

Hull and work equipment

MARELEX helps to recover your damage to (vessel)hull and work equipment from the responsible party. Examples include damage to your reach stacker due to a vehicle collision or damage to the wheelhouse of your barge or lighter due to a quay crane.


MARELEX helps you recover damage that has occurred during storage. We also act on behalf of storekeepers. Examples include water damage to goods in storage as a result of a sprinkler system that went off for whatever reason. Or contamination of goods of a certain type or designation because they were discharged into the wrong land tank with other types of goods.